Third annual Glow Walk in Peridot draws a crowd

Michael Pietila gets glow painted.

The third annual Glow Walk in Peridot took off at 7:30 p.m. from the parking lot of the Hospital campus on Thursday July 25 with a send-off by Melody Thomas and the DJ, Jason Boni. According to Cher Stewart, who helped superintend the event in space themed mouse ears, participants had to work for their tees. They had to go to the halfway mark in the 2.4 mile course to get a wrist band that would entitle them to one of the beautiful dayglow event t-shirts, and free water and snacks. The course was marked by footprints pasted to the pavement. Many children (and adults) got their faces panted with dayglow colors. Over 220 folks, old and young, families and teens did warm up exercises led by Marty Cassadore and then poured through the lighted pink arch into the sunset. Some ran the course, but many took their time.  Diabetes prevention from San Carlos Apache Healthcare presented another walk in Bylas on July 23.


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