The Holy Cross of Globe

For more than 83 years, the cross above Ruiz Canyon in Globe has been a reminder to the community of the Hispanic-Catholic influence in Globe.

The Holy Cross is on the National Register and it is lit for major church holidays as well as by request for anniversaries, memorial and special events of the faithful.

Standing 18 feet tall, the cross was built by Rosalio Salas and 11 friends on the original Salas family property on the hill above Connie’s Store.

Cruz and Carlos Salas are the grandsons of Rosalio and they treasure the important history.

The cross is a reminder of the crucifixion and death of our Lord for our salvation and it is for the blessing of the community and its people, the brothers noted.

The Holy Cross dates back to the Great Depression, when in the aftermath of mine cutbacks and uncertain times, Hispanics turned to their Catholic faith for solace.

“As a testament to their faith and symbol of their devotion to their church, Hispanic families built La Santa Cruz de Globe in 1936 during the Great Depression,” according to a pamphlet on the cross.

Rosalio Salas and 11 friends became known in Globe as Los Doce Apostoles de La Cruz (the Twelve Apostles of the Cross).

The men spent a month on the construction of the cross and it was dedicated May 3, 1936. They original 12 included Rosalio Salas, Pilar Martinez, Jose Ruiz, Jesus Calvillo, Urbano Sanchez, Dolores Mendez, Manuel Gonzales, Manuel Robledo, Gregorio Munoz, Angel Moya, Alvino Garde and Camilo Navarro.

To prevent deterioration of the 18-foot structure, the cross was stuccoed in 1998. Since the 1940s, it has been lit at night to commemorate national as well as local events of a patriotic and religious nature.

The Holy Cross stands a silent reminder of the many people and events that have stood out in the community. It is a place where people come to visit, pray or just to enjoy the beautiful view of the city.

It can be accessed at the top of Navarro Drive, where a trail goes to the actual site.

The Holy Cross stands on the property of the Richard Canizales family and the Holy Angels Catholic Parish is indebted and appreciative to the Canizales family for their hospitality. Additionally, the parish is indebted to Joe Navarro for the care, maintenance and lighting of the cross on special occasions.


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