The future is bright for the Lady Tigers

Susanne Jerome/Arizona Silver Belt Coach Belvado motivates her team during the Globe - San Carlos game.

When the Silver Belt asked Coach Belvado how she felt about her Lady Tigers performance at the Copper Cities tournament she had a brief response, “I am not concerned with winning or losing here. I want girls to get playing time. We have San Carlos and then Miami after the Winter Break. That is where I want to win.” She said it with a smile and a laugh, but you could tell that she meant it. We now have the evidence that she meant it as the Globe Lady Tigers were able to defeat both San Carlos and Miami in back to back games. Not only are these hometown rivalry games but they are also section games. With those two victories Globe now leads their 2A Section with a record of 7-0 in their section, their overall record is 13-4. The varsity record is beautiful thing and has been hard earned by a tough Lady Tigers team. A team that is full of quality starters, and a great Junior Varsity squad a well.

Any great program begins from the ground up. In a small town it is hard to build a program that way. Because you need every kid to play and every kid playing usually gets some starting time, if they are ready or not. A good program can get enough kids to play that the young ones are given time to practice and be ready. After nine years as the Head Coach for the girls’ basketball team, Emily Belvado has built such a program. Again, the evidence is there in their play. In a rivalry match up the Junior Varsity Lady Tigers were able to best the Miami Lady Vandals by a hefty score. The future is bright for the Lady Tigers. For this year in their season and for many seasons to come.


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