The Braves Get on the Board

San Carlos ball carrier battles the Phoenix Christians on Friday, Sept. 20

The Braves had a predictably hard time against Phoenix Christian, which was number one in the conference in 2018 and #2 so far this year. The Braves managed to score once during the abbreviated second half, which was an improvement over their game with Santa Rita during which they could not score.

As in previous games, the Braves were not helped by bobbles and false starts. While the bad snap habit appeared to be broken, in this game, there were a couple of hand-offs gone astray, one of which had SC1, Christian Bartlett covering the ball on his own 10-yard-line. The Braves were on third down with five yards to go and the bobble brought them to fourth and 20. With 10:50 go in the first quarter, they punted.

With 9:29 on the clock, the Cougars took possession and in two plays, got into the end zone for their first touchdown and extra point.

Mario Martinez brought the kickoff out to the 30-yard line. He then took the handoff nearside gaining a yard. SC12, Deandre Dude went up the middle for another two yards in the shoving match, and it was third down and seven yards to go. Palacio Ramos’ pass to Jaden Harney brought the Braves to fourth down and one. His next pass didn’t happen because he was sacked in the backfield and possession passed to Phoenix Christian.

The Braves held them up for bit before their #1 got away into the end zone for their second touchdown and extra point. (0-14)

The Braves started their next possession, first and ten on their 20-yard line. A pass to Ramos gained eight yards. But Xaivior Classay’s next pass, long to Harney, went into the hands of a Cougar, who like a frisbee-fetching dog, brought it right back to the Brave 25-yard line. (Not to Classay. He was not a cooperative frisbee-fetcher.) The next play brought the ball into the end zone, and the score was 0-21 with the extra point.

After the kickoff, Mario Martinez received the kickoff and took the ball out to the 25-yard line. Palicio Ramos SC21 tried near side but lost yards. Deandre Dude gained a yard powering up the middle making it third and 13 on the 22-yard line.

Ramos on the far side brought the ball to the original line of scrimmage, fourth and 10 on the 25. A false start brought the Braves back five yards. The Braves punted to the Cougars’ 39-yard line.

Cougar receiver fetched the ball far side and took it into the end zone after which, Phoenix Christian made extra point. Score 0-27 with 2:31 left in quarter.

Renando Barrasa picked up the kick-off on the eighth or ninth yard and brought it out to the San Carlos 10-yard line. A Brave false start put them first and fifteen on their own 6 yard line.

SC12, DeAndre Dude got back to the line of scrimmage up the middle. (2nd and 15.)

Xaivior threw incomplete to Christian Bartlett, and it was 3rd and 15.

Classay handed off to Martinez who got to the line of scrimmage. 4th and 15.

Uh, punt maybe? Yes. Robear Talkalai’s punt went as far as the Braves’ 37-yard line.

With possession, the Cougars flubbed a pass but connected on the 2nd try, and the receiver galloped into the end zone. Score: 0-35 with the extra point.

Martinez, took the kickoff 14 or so yards out to the Braves’ 28, and Robear Talkalai took a handout nearside for the loss of a yard. (2nd and 11.)

Classay’s pass to SC2 Harney was complete. With no time left in the quarter it was 3rd and 7 on the Braves’ 26th.

An incomplete pass made the position 4th and 7. The 4th down went no better and the cougars took over on their own 48, gained a yard to the 49 and got into the end zone. Score: 0-42. 

A call of un-sportsman-like conduct put the Cougars back on kick-off which went out of bounds. Braves took the penalty and took over on the 50-yard line.

Martinez took the hand-off up the center for the gain of a yard. 2nd and 9 on the Cougar 29. A false start made it 2nd and 14.

The Braves gained a few yards before a bad hand-off to DeAndre Dude, which Dude recovered but it was then 3rd and 17 on the Braves’ 43.

This time Classay’s hand-off to Dude went ok, but he lost yards so it was 4th and 19 on the Braves 41.

Classay’s punt only went to the Braves’ 49 where the Cougars took over with 8:30 left in the half.

Jose Patton Jr., SC20 took down Cougar ball carrier but not before he achieved a first down on the Brave 31-yard line.

On the next play Cougar 87 got away to make the score 0-48 (49 with the extra point.)

Redondo Barrasa received the kickoff and brought it out to the 23-yard line.

Martinez carried for a loss of 1 (2nd 11 on 42.)

Classay, on a quarterback keeper got a few yards, but lost ground on the next play and it was 4h and 11 with 5:18 left in the quarter.

The Braves went for it garnering a pass interference call that put them first and ten on their own 37.

An incomplete pass made it 2nd and 10

A hand off to sophomore, Jose Patten Jr. gained 3 yards, and it was third and 7 on the 41.

Classay’s pass incomplete. 4th down again with 7 yards to go.

A pass was incomplete, but a Cougar foul brought the ball to the Cougar 44-yard line for a  Brave first down with 3:26 left in the half.

An incomplete pass made it 2nd and 10. 

Martinez brought the ball to the cougar 38 and the Braves were 3rd down and 4 to go on the Cougar 43-yard line. On the next play it was 4th and 7 with 3:04 left in the half. A pass went in and out of Harney’s hands, and the Cougars took over with a minute and 45 seconds left in the first half.

A Cougar made a first down on the brave 39, brought down by SC35 Jalen Patton.

Phoenix Christian had the ball,1st and 15 on braves 46 with 21 seconds remaining in half. Time expired and for the first time, the Braves had kept the Cougars from scoring on their possession.

Now, for the whole of the 2nd half and a bit of the first half, according to official Xaivier Bush, the time would run continuously, leaving less time for the braves to score or to be further skunked.

Malakai Martinez attempted an on-side kick but the Cougars took possession and continued in their winning ways, bringing the ball from the 48 down to the Braves 30 for a first down. Cougar, PC5, got away for a gain but Palicio Ramos, Christian Bartlett and Mario Martinez caught and stopped him on the 9 yard line. 

Eliah Victor and Colin Boni stopped him again on the 7-yard line. 3rd and 7.

But the Cougar quarterback faked a handoff to PC5 and got to the 1-yard line, after which they forced their way into the end zone to make the score 63-0. Meanwhile the time in the 3rd quarter had flown down to 8 minutes and six seconds.

The Braves then commenced a successful drive complete with first downs until Jaden Harney forced his way through 5 yards full of Cougars to dive over the goal line for san Carlos’ only touchdown.

The Braves tried for 2 points and failed, but they got on the board and for the second time they held Phoenix Christian from scoring until the clock ran out. The final score: 63-6. San Carlos had gotten on the board.

During the 2nd half the Braves were able


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