Thank you to Globe School District

Dear Editor:

I feel I can speak for all of Globe when I say thank you and a job well done to the Globe School District.

I have been feeling overwhelmed  with home schooling 3 children. The biggest obstacles were myself not knowing the curriculum. The second was the internet. Example was my daughter worked for 2 days on a report and slide presentation. When she got back into it, the computer crashed and she lost it all. Then while she was re-doing, the internet went out and she was on a time line. I am sure others had the same issues.

Despite my own frustrations, I could not help but think of the staff of the Globe school district. I am dealing with three children and homework and the teachers are dealing with several classes and many students. I can only imagine the stress of constant e-mails, constant phone calls, putting together lessons, and grading lessons turned in. also the having to learn how to do this online and coming up with ways the class room interact such as Zoom. The teachers were always there to help in all ways.

I just want to say thank you for all you did for our children during these troubled time .

Conrad M. Johnson


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