Thank you Public Works

EDITOR: John Angulo and his Public Works team are doing an outstanding job.

I visit Round Mountain, the Old Dominion, and/or the dog park at least five times a week and am impressed with the park maintenance and clean-up work being done, particularly by Gabe Andrade, Pete Gardea, and the DOC workers with whom I overlap multiple times a week.

To all involved, thanks for fixing the sprinklers and watering the dog park as patrons notice and comment on how much better it looks with green grass.

I appreciate the brush removal crew’s efforts to remove weeds along Highway 60 and throughout our neighborhoods.

Thanks for the new and improved trash cans at the Old Dominion.

Thank you as well for all the work you do maintaining our water and sewer treatment systems, particularly the late night and weekend call-outs.

Your hard work adds much to our community and helps make Globe an even better place to live and visit.

Thanks, Public Works.


Thea Wilshire


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