Team of Six: Earn $12.15/hour with Youth Conservation Corps

Age 17- 20: if you love being outdoors in the Tonto National Forest that surrounds Globe-Miami, apply now for September-October outdoor jobs sponsored by the Arizona Conservation Corps. YCC participants earn $12.15 per hour learning new skills through hands-on projects within the forest and also local communities during these seven-week-long jobs. Unlike some YCC assignments that require camping, this fall’s Globe-Miami crew will work daytimes, returning home each night. Youth Crew members live at home and work Monday-through-Friday on projects in the surrounding national forest, with preference given to local applicants. Crew members report it’s a learning experience, too - a chance to actively participate in environmental education activities and follow safety procedures in all tasks assigned (including safe use of and maintenance of hand tools). Most importantly: participants must be willing to be an active member of a crew of up to eight (six crew members and two mentor team-leaders) from different backgrounds committed to actively improving the natural world around them through a variety of projects. Who is an ideal candidate? One willing to work outside, who loves to be outside - and is drawn to project work, and with a passion for conservation and nature. Being ready to try new things and learn new skills, working as part of a team towards a common goal - and ready to have fun - are also traits of an ideal YCC crew member. Read more and apply at

Questions? Please Call Lorena at (928) 526-3280 or email  [email protected]

Arizona Conservation Corps has two job openings for adult crew-leaders too -- an option that’s equally open to applicants of all experience levels. Read more at

It’s valuable work! The team will help support recreation mitigation projects directly related to the impacts of high forest use that has been attributed to the Covid-19 pandemic; activities such as cleaning up and restoring campground infrastructure, performing basic maintenance and rehabilitation of trails including new social trails -- and other recreation infrastructure projects and activities. How to apply? Read more about the jobs here: and apply here