Taking a walk with Larry

Andrea Justice/Arizona Silver Belt Laura Sanchez, Dottie Sanchez, and Linda Sanchez admire some of Larry Brown’s artwork displayed outside the CVCA building.

Larry Dean Brown Memorial Art Tour represented through local businesses

Saturday evening, art lovers took a stroll through downtown Globe to celebrate the life of Larry D. Brown, a former Gila Community College Professor who passed away earlier this year during the Covid-19 lockdown. Because the family was unable to hold a formal memorial, an extraordinary art show was planned to help Globe-Miami residents remember who taught them how to paint. A self-guided tour through Historic Downtown Globe directed supporters through a variety of highlighted window stops and some indoor features. Art installations and exhibits are all visible from the sidewalk. Maps are available online, at Stacy’s Art and Soul and at participating art walk merchants.

Brown taught high school in both Miami and San Carlos and taught college level art classes for over 10 years at Gila Community College. For over 40 years, Brown shared his knowledge and lifelong love of the arts by creating sculptures, paintings, and murals that have enhanced the Globe, Miami, and San Carlos areas. His influence had a large impact on the way Globe-Miami residents view and create art. Recently in 2019, Brown was appointed to the Globe Arts Advisory Commission. A group tasked with establishing a city collection of public art pieces. Brown’s most notable public art piece is the copper “globe” that welcomes residents to the north end of town.

“We couldn’t do a memorial because of Covid,” said wife Kimberly Brown. “But I don’t think he would have really wanted one. This art show is what he deserved, a true testament to his passion for the arts.”

A viewing of some of Larry Brown’s private collection was held at the Center for the Arts on Friday, Oct. 2. 

The art show was a collaboration between Regina Ortega and the arts council. Together they were able to bring Brown’s iconic pieces to life along Broad Street. And thanks to the help of Bunney Kessler, a new facebook group, “Are you a student of Larry Brown?” is allowing former students to reclaim art work kept by Brown. He kept all of the artwork submitted to him because, according to Kimberly Brown, “he treasured each and every one of you.” The student art he kept was more valuable to him than his finest pieces.

The Larry Dean Brown Memorial Art Tour will continue through the end of October. 


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