SYMTP thanks community for Poppins Jr.

EDITOR: The Summer Youth Musical Theatre Program has just concluded its production of Disney’s Mary Poppins Jr. It was a fantastic time, and we continue to be proud of and inspired by the children.

The Mary Poppins cast was made up of 40 children, ages seven to 17. In addition to our three public shows, we had the joy of performing for High Desert Middle School and the third, fourth and fifth graders of Copper Rim Elementary. We are indebted to the Globe Unified School District for their generosity and hospitality. 

SYMTP’s accomplishments were made possible by the support and help of a great number of community individuals, clubs, organizations, businesses and larger corporations. We’d like to recognize some of them here.

First, a vital and humble thanks goes to the staff: Paul Tunis, program director; Diana Tunis visual arts director; Leslie Kim, music director; Laura Belvado, choreographer; Michael Rose lighting designer; Samantha Sterk, graphic designer; and Lyndon Baker, our audio engineer.

Second, gratitude for the individuals and entities who answer the call to help including: The Arizona Silverbelt, Azteca Glass, the Baker family, Suzanne Barajas, Copper Country News, Dong and Janice Choi, Nicole Gregory, school board of Globe Unified School District, office ladies of High Desert Middle School, the Jennex family, Miriam Jones, Mike Kim, KQSS Gila 101.9, Suzanne and David Lederman, Principal Montgomery, Cynthia Nowell, Kay Ratcliff, the Roten family, Barry and Colette Schwenk, Christine Shin, Laura Stennerson, Joy Weddle, Tanner Hunsaker and Western Reprographics, and the families of the cast.

Finally, eternal gratefulness to our sponsors, without whom our program does not exist:

The United Fund of Globe-Miami, Freeport-McMoRan Inc., Cobre Valley Center for the Arts, Globe Unified School District, High Desert Middle School, Capstone Pinto Valley, Janice and Dong Choi, Gila County Supervisor Woody Cline, Friends of David Cook, Drs. Wook and Sue Kang, Pearl and Frank Nancarrow, Karen and Ray Webb, Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center, Dr. Bill and Lynn Haak, Eastern Arizona Alcoholic Recovery Center, Sharron and Tom Moody, and many more local individuals, businesses and organizations.

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Gratefully yours,

The Summer Youth Musical Theatre Program