Superfan: Q & A with Marcus Barajas

Marcus Barajas is a senior and right guard on the offensive line of the Globe Tiger football team. He has played football since he was a freshman, and football is his only school sport. He concentrates on JROTC in the off season and likes Globe High School because it “always offers opportunities and is very forgiving when mistakes are made.” He likes football because of “the brotherhood, the bond” and the fact that “we must rely on each other to win.” His favorite sports memory involves how he got his nickname. There was music in the air one day in the summer after Marcus’ freshman year, and an assistant coach was moving to the music as he walked. Marcus and the team were imitating his motions and the coach suddenly turned and asked, “Are you Marky Mark and are these the funky bunch?” Marcus wants to enlist in the Army and pursue a career there in military civil engineering.


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