Students participate in GPD Explorers

Daetom Dewey, Angel Montoya and Nick Lottes took part in the police officers physical agility test on Friday, Sept. 27.

Globe Police Department currently has local high school students participating in their Explorers program. This program is for students who have an interest in the law enforcement field and is under the leadership of Officer Verdugo of Globe PD. Verdugo has helped with an explorer program, teaching at an academy and is also certified physical training instructor, defensive tactics instructor.

Students need to apply for the program just like they would for a job and undergo an interview, background check and maintain a C average. The ages vary from 14 to 20 years. They can attend an academy when they are 20 but need to turn 21 by the time they graduate.

The first meeting for the explorers took place at a city council meeting and they were introduced to Globe City Council. The second meeting for them was during the police officers physical agility test. This test is the same that all applicants are required to take to make sure they are in good physical condition to be sent to the academy. Each event is timed and they just have to complete them. Arizona Post sets the minimum standard for all officers in the state of Arizona. Departments and academies can always set higher standards. The Explorers will be learning what is expected of them if they ever want to pursue a career in Law Enforcement.

Nick Lottes, Daeton Deweys, and Angel Montoya were the Explorers that participated along with a couple applicants on different obstacles. Some of the different obstacles were set up for each to complete included running 500 yards, jumping hurdles and even climbing over a fence. Officer Verdugo demonstrated each obstacle and also gave pointer as they were tested.

One side of the fence had chain link and the other was wood and each participant was timed they as climbed over. No one had any trouble getting up and over the chain link side, the wood was a different story. It proved to be tougher with the wet wood making it slippery as well.
Another test was to drag a full size dummy 32 feet that weighed 165 pounds dead weight. This test was to simulate getting an officer out of the line fire or needing to help a citizen in a fire.
Dewey joined the program just out of curiosity as he was still trying to figure out what he wanted to do after high school. After being part of this program, even for a short while, he now sees law enforcement as something that interests him.

The program is open to all students in the area who have an interest in law enforcement. It is partially funded by Globe Police Department but mainly funded by donations and help from the citizens. Trainings are held all over the country for explorers to attend. Officer Verdugo would like to give these students an opportunity to give presentations and also compete with other explorers from various departments. Donations can be made to the Globe Police Department Explorers program by contacting Officer Verdugo or Officer Haines at the office.They will also be selling pink police officer patches for Breast Cancer Awareness as a fundraiser for them and will be available at the Globe Police Department.


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