Student takes gun to Copper Rim

GLOBE — “On Wednesday November 29, 2017 A 10-year-old student from the Copper Rim Elementary School in Globe, brought a small caliber handgun into the school.  The student brought the gun to school in a backpack to show friends.  There is no indication that the student brought the gun to threaten or injure anyone.

Investigation into the incident revealed  that the gun was not operable, as it was old, rusty and not loaded.  As the student was showing the gun to friends, one of those students alerted school officials.  Once school officials learned of the situation, they took immediate steps to isolate the student and the backpack.  Globe Police Officers responded and assumed the investigation. 

School officials should be commended for their quick thinking and swift action in response to this allegation and for keeping  everyone safe.  The student involved in this incident has been dismissed from the school, and the school is taking administrative steps to deal with the student.  The Globe Police Department is conducting this investigation, and is on-going, but the student was not arrested and allowed to go home with his parents.

This is a great time to take a few minutes with your child and talk about these types of situations.  How unsafe they are and potentially how life-changing this could be, as well as   Reminding them about gun safety and not committing these types of serious acts.  It is also a fresh reminder to check our own homes and make sure that our weapons are safe, secure, and out of reach from our children.”

Lieutenant Robert Folker

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