Starr’s Geronimo stands alone

Susanne Jerome/Apache Moccasin Pictured from l-r: Jacky Thompson, Regina Joe, Chantel Roy, Lorraine Cooley, Sophia Waterman Hailey Reede, and muralist, Myron Starr.

An invasion of beauty stands beside Myron Starr’s portrait of Geronimo on the wall opposite the one that bore until recently a picture of George Floyd. The shop building owned by April Crick underwent a transition as the picture of George Floyd slowly disappeared until all that was left were his accusing eyes. The change was not vandalism according to Starr, but a change in emphasis. Myron replaced Floyd with a portrait of Vanessa Guillen, a soldier who was murdered in Texas. According to ABC 13, Houston, her family, who traveled up from Mexico to attend her funeral, plan to stage a demonstration (peaceful) in Washington D.C. They seek legislation making it safer for a soldier to report sexual harassment. On the opposite wall is a picture of Geronimo, on which Starr painted the Arizona state flag in order, he said to be more inclusive. The front of the store is still devoted to Jordan Sims, whom her family alleges was raped and murdered in Safford by police officer Jeremiah French. An account of her death is posted on a door in that wall. Myron plans to post her portrait later to make the building unified in theme and artistic vision. The wall has been prepared with a flat black coating till Starr finishes the portrait of Vanessa Guillen on the Floyd wall.


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