Small businesses show off at Spring Fling

Andrea Justice/Arizona Silver Belt Dr. Janet Cline talks to visitors about some of the products she is offering.

As Globe-Miami ventures out after a year of Covid lockdowns, locals are flocking to community events. “Events are coming back and that’s good,” said photographer Shane Hicks. “Everyone is tired of being sick and tired.”

Last Saturday’s Spring Fling at the old Train Depot allowed small businesses to show off their stuff to an eager audience.

The idea sparked after Copper Vista Dental and Chapter One Wellness started brainstorming on how they could alleviate some of the distress affecting small businesses during 2020. With the help of Dr. Janet Cline and a motivated volunteer base, the group was able to give a number of small businesses including 22 home-based enterprises an opportunity to display their products. Those attending were given a handy bingo card, and able to hit all of the booths to learn more about what Globe-Miami business has to offer.

“This is a great opportunity to support local vendors and entrepreneurs,” said Cline. “This was also a great chance for community involvement after being cooped up for so long.”



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