Searching for Apache medicinal and edible plants

On Thursday, Aug. 22 Marlowe Cassadore set out with Mrs. Sarah Bush, Ms. Betty Goode and Dion and Caroline Waterman to Antelope Flats and warm springs to look for Apache medicinal and edible plants.  Ms. Bush could tell from the odor of the roots of plants with rather undistinguished stems that this one could be used for diabetes, or tea or soap.  She found much fewer plants at antelope flats than she remembered from old times, due to increased heat.  Further up the road to  Point of Pines the party left the road for a smaller road to a tank where in the higher altitude, the party could find more roots and two different species of Oak, one producing bland acorns, the other shedding nuts that had to be cooked (boiled) before consumption.  The sweet nuts were scattered over the ground and could be gathered up or rinsed and eaten on the spot. 


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