Sean Connor McGill, Jr.

With deepest sorrow, we announce that Sean Connor McGill, Jr., age 19 was tragically taken away from us on March 21, 2019 in St. Johns, Ariz.

Sean McGill, better known as Bean, was born on Aug. 14, 1999 in Phoenix, Ariz. Bean was born prematurely, which means he came into this world smaller than other babies, but the impact that Bean left on the world by the time he was 19 was monumental.

Throughout childhood, Bean enjoyed riding bikes, playing baseball for the Elks Lodge, going hunting with his dad and uncle John, and last but not least, gaming. Gaming played a role in Bean’s life until the day he passed. Bean made countless friends while playing online, and often would be the life of the party chat.

Bean loved all of his friends an incredible amount; if he wasn’t at a friend’s house he would be facetiming, texting, or sending memes to one of them at almost any given moment. He always made sure his friends were doing well, and if they weren’t, he would do everything he could to help them out.

Bean was a loving person all the way around; but the one person that he loves more than words can describe is his mom, Andrea. Bean never had anything but good things to say about his mom; he would always talk about how good of a baker she is, and he would always be hyping up his mom’s cooking. When Andrea got a new car, he made sure to send pictures of it to everyone and made sure that all of his friends understood all of the cool features about the car. Bean loved his mom so much.

Bean also loved his brother Alex an insurmountable amount. They did not get along when they were younger, but once Bean hit high school, they were practically best friends. Bean looked up to his brother, and truly wanted to be just like Alex. Bean lost it when Alex bought a mustang because Bean loved cars. If you were driving down the road with Bean and you saw any sports car, then Bean would immediately tell you everything there is to know about that car.

One of the biggest pieces of Bean’s life was music; Bean loved all music, but the type of music that Bean loved the most was SoundCloud rap. Bean always knew every artist before they were famous. Bean’s SoundCloud likes was where you could find all of next year’s biggest artists before they were big. Bean always had an ear for good music, which he probably got from his dad.

Bean also loved YouTube; if you were Bean’s friend, then you would always expect Bean to have a funny video for you to watch. Bean loved anything that was funny including comedy specials, Instagram memes, and even Tiktok for a bit.

While Bean was a hilarious person, he was also an incredibly hard worker that would never show up late for anything, no matter what it was; Bean gave his whole self to anything he invested time in, and never was okay with mediocre. This may be because Sean, Bean’s dad, whom always made sure he had the best of the best- no matter what the cost.

Bean’s first job was at Little Caesars, and he always had stories about his brother in law, Jason, and how much fun he was to work with. Bean also loved his sister Ashley and loved going over to her and Jason’s house for get-togethers; he had an incredible time at her wedding, and he thought that the suit he wore was the “cleanest” thing ever. 

Bean eventually became an electrical apprentice and joined the Hall just like his brother did. Bean brought light to countless people’s lives and always did the right thing, no matter what that entailed. Bean was one of the most incredible people to ever walk the face of this Earth and will never be forgotten. Bean lived with grace, positivity, and always put others before him; Bean will truly be missed, but all of us should feel truly blessed that he was a part of any of our lives.

Sean is survived by his parents Sean, and Andrea McGill; his brother Alex Hayes; his sister Ashley Campbell; brother-in-law Jason Campbell; niece Jadelynn Campbell; nephew Ezra Campbell, as well as grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and countless numbers of friends.

Sean was preceded in death by his grandfather Arthur McGill.

Services were held on Friday, March 28, 2019 at Miami High School auditorium.

Assisting the family; Lamont Mortuary of Globe.


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