SCHS holds first day assembly

SCHS Principal Susan Steele gives a shout out for teachers lined up to introduce themselves

After everyone was searched at the gym-side entrance to San Carlos High School, principal, Susan Poole and the student council got started with the traditional first day assembly in the gym.  The stands appeared a bit thin – perhaps, due to the threats on the internet, that caused the police presence, but enthusiasm was high. The sophomores stood out with signs galore. Mrs. Poole introduced the football team and praised the teachers who were lined up to introduce themselves. There was applause and spots of cheering amid the student body as favorite teachers took the mic. A couple of pep-rally-style games were played, and the students  dispersed to their home rooms where they and their teachers will work out class procedures in preparation for the academic work ahead. 

They will also get pictures, ID’s, fire drills and bus evacuation drills during the next three “Brave Days” according to Ms. Renevie Magboo CTE director and assistant principal.


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