SCAHC calls on community stakeholders for Community Health Assessment

The San Carlos Apache Healthcare Corporation will be conducting a Community Health Assessment (CHA) throughout the month of June to gather information regarding healthcare needs. A CHA is considered a top priority in all communities that provide healthcare.

The assessments allow communities to identify key health issues and enable short and long range planning, while collaborating with local stakeholders throughout the San Carlos Apache Reservation.

The CHA will engage tribal and community leadership in identifying and resolving health problems; identifying, agreeing upon and prioritizing which health issues will be managed first; getting commitments from the community to work together on the problems and develop a health plan that will be meaningful and have support from the community.

SCAHC has partnered with TANF to conduct the surveys throughout the San Carlos and Bylas communities at the  Mt.Turnbull Apache Market, Clarence Wesley Healthcare Center, Peridot Izee’ Baa Gowah and Geronimo Plaza.

Surveying will run from June 11 until June 28 on week days from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

There will be a booth set up in Bylas for surveys during the June 18th Celebration.

Upon completion of the survey, the data will assist the healthcare corporation in developing long and short term planning and be able to better understand the health needs of our community.

The average survey time will be 10 minutes and each participant will receive a $5 gift card that can be used at the SCAHC cafeteria or Starbucks.

In addition, participants will be entered into a cash drawing raffle.


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