San Carlos girls take first in Globe’s Cross Country Fun Run

Susanne Jerome/Staff Reporter Globe’s Cross Country Fun Run provided the girls valuable practice for the big invitational that Globe will hold at Old Dominion Mine Park on Oct .26.

San Carlos girls took first, third and sixth in the whimsically named fun run up and down scenic but challenging hills at the Old Dominion Mine Park in Globe. The race was not one that counted for medals and rankings, but it gave valuable practice for competing teams for the big invitational that Globe will hold there on Oct. 26.

Chloe Wiley came in first for San Carlos with a time of 24:37 and Marissa Barrasa finished third in 24 minutes 51 seconds. Shanaya Victor came in sixth among qualifying runners. (The number four runner, from Combs missed a turn and ran a slightly shorter distance than the others.)

Teshina Nosie (32:04), Kayani Case (32:32), and Jodi King (33:13) finished 14, 16, and 17. Alyssa Romero was in 24th place with a time of (36:17).

Brian Cassa (20:39), and Keshaun Noline (21:07) finished sixth and eighth for San Carlos, with Reppert Cassadore placing 19th with a time of 23:45.  Ken Church (25:44), Xavier Hooke (26:49), and Elmer Sign Jr. (31:08) finished 30th, 36th, and 48th.


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