San Carlos boys take Consolation Championship in Chandler Prep. Boys Basketball New Years Classic

Susanne Jerome/Apache Moccasin Gerald Phillips #33 blocks the shot.

San Carlos boys beat St. Michael’s School for the Consolation Championship in the Chandler Prep. Boys Basketball New Years Classic Platinum Division. The giant tournament held at various high schools and other venues in the East Valley featured teams from schools of all sizes from all over Arizona.

In the St. Michael’s-San Carlos game the teams were pretty well matched in a low scoring game. San Carlos was ahead by two, 25-23 at the end of the third quarter and had surged ahead 34-24 with 4:31 left in the fourth quarter. But then St. Michael’s ate up the 10-point spread and went ahead 38-36 with 13.2 seconds left in regular play. With one second left on the board, St. Michael’s was still ahead. San Carlos made a basket which tied the game 38-38 going into overtime. St. Michael’s answered the basket. Score 40-40. Cameron Mull added to his 14 regular game points making the score 42-40 San Carlos. St. Michael’s went ahead with a three pointer. Score: 43-43 with 3:05 left in the overtime. 

Reppert Cassadore III scored for two putting San Carlos ahead again 44-43. St. Michael’s scored to make it 44-45 St. Michael’s.  Cameron Mull drew a foul and made the most of it sinking two free throws. Score: 46-45 San Carlos. #23 and #33 blocked St Michael’s shot. San Carlos played catch to eat up the seconds and St. Michael’s fouled in order to get the ball via free throw attempt, but Cameron Mull made all his free throw attempts to make the final score 49-45. 

High scorer was, of course Mull with 20 points. Next highest was John Mull with 13 points on two regular baskets, two 3-pointers and three free throws. Reppert Phillips III sank four regular baskets and three free throws. And Reppert Cassadore made a vital free throw in overtime. In the first half, Malakai Martinez made a two-pointer.


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