Rosevelt films music video in Miami

Andrea Justice/Arizona Silver Belt Rosevelt, age 13, out of Mesa, Ariz. was in Miami on Dec. 30 filming a music video for her new song "My Own." Check out some of Rosevelt's music by visiting

By chance, 13-year-old Rosevelt drove through Miami, Ariz. searching for a place to film her new music video, “My Own.” The young talented recording artist lucked out when she ran into Molly Cornwell, of the Globe Downtown Association, who was able to show her and the crew around Miami.

According to Rosevelt’s manager, Joe Tenney of Golden Bee Productions, the crew was looking for a place to shoot that captured both history and the future. They were excited when they stumbled upon some of the historic buildings in Miami.

Rosevelt, out of Mesa, Ariz., is unlike other 13-year-olds. Her mission is to raise awareness and money for children in need by using her voice. She has collaborated with celebrities, activists, government and organizations through music to bring hope and joy to those that are vulnerable. “I go to events and help raise awareness for child abuse and child trafficking,” said Rosevelt. Last year she raised $100,000 for Operation Underground Railroad, a group dedicated to rescuing children from sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. Since her start, four years ago, Rosevelt has managed to raise over $250,000 for abused children. “All of the money I make goes to my charities,” said Rosevelt. “I just want to help kids with my voice.” To see more of Rosevelt visit


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