Ronald J. Weathers

Ronald J Weathers was born Sept. 10, 1943. Ronald was surround by all his loved ones at home June 1, 2018 when he went to heaven to be with his love Jeanette Weathers of 50 years.

Mother: Cloteen Louise Tucker and Bob Tucker, stepfather; father Henery W. Weathers. Ronald was born in Yokum, Texas, moved to Safford, Arizona when he was 5 years old. He is survived by sister Linda, Jill and Gary Powell and his kids Cathleen, Anthony, Bruce, Ron, Linda. His grandchildren, Krystal, Nathan, Jerame, Philip, Julius, Anthony, Teahdawn. Also great-grandchildren Eli, Kaylee, Kelsee, Riley, Brian, Shealyn, Jimmy, Bradley.

Ronald’s sisters and brothers were a very musical family they would sit on the porch playing music. Everyone had their musical talent in the family singing, and playing the guitar was their family dynamic. He would go on fishing trips with his wife Jeanette and sisters and brothers and they would take their grandsons Nathan and Jerame fishing every summer, it was something they all looked forward to. He loved his cat Timber, he always had a passion for his animals. He loved playing cards with his grandkids, running to the casino for some gambling with his love Jeanette.

Ronald was known as Ronnie, he was the family’s Elvis Presley look-alike he was a knockout as Jeanette Weathers used to say and he had a voice that could melt anyone’s heart especially hers it was absolutely amazing. Over the years we had many family gatherings. Thanksgiving was our biggest family gathering we had many Christmas ones too. Our family’s biggest holidays is where he would love to entertain his family and we loved to hear him sing.

If Ronald Weathers could speak I believe his last words would have been thank you, thank you to my family to my friends that have been here through my life. To his daughter Cathleen for being by his side day in and day out these last weeks and to Bruce for being by his sister’s side.

He was a very grateful man that never wanted to be praised for much, well today we praise him and tell him thank you for letting us be part of his life. Ronald was a legacy in our family he was an amazing husband to Jeanette Weathers, a person you can call dad, a brother, grandpa and great grandpa that we all adored. He was a person with a huge heart and will be missed by his family and friends. Until we see you again.


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