Rising prices at the pump could curtail holiday travel

David Sowders/Arizona Silver Belt

On the eve of the Thanksgiving holiday, according to the website GasBuddy.com, less than 40 percent of Americans are planning to travel – and higher prices at the pump, not Covid-19, are a big reason.

In their annual Thanksgiving travel survey, GasBuddy reported that only 32 percent of Americans will take to the road for this year’s holiday. And with a projected national average of $3.35 per gallon on Thursday – which GasBuddy called the highest they have seen in over seven years – it’s not hard to see why.

At press time, according to AAA, average prices for regular gasoline in Arizona stood at $3.74; the highest recorded average, $4.09, came in the summer of 2008.

GasBuddy reports that the record average for Thanksgiving Day, $3.44, was set in 2012 – and Gila County seems to be on pace to break that record handily. At press time, price-per-gallon estimates for the county ranged from $3.55 (AAA) to $3.73 (GasBuddy).

In Globe-Miami, according to the latter website, prices on Monday varied from $3.49 to $3.69; a price of $3.57 was recorded in Peridot. Prices in Payson were slightly lower, ranging from $3.35 to $3.49. No price data was available for San Carlos, Roosevelt or Tonto Basin.


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