Resolution Copper to host public meeting

Resolution Copper is hosting a public meeting at the Superior Chamber of Commerce at 6 p.m. on June 19 to provide a project update on reclamation at the West Plant property adjacent to Superior, which includes the Magma Smelter complex.

Contractor WestLand Resources will present:

• A brief overview of the history of mining in Superior with a focus on Magma Copper and the smelter;

• A brief discussion of the building documentation standards of the Arizona State Historic Preservation Office;

• A summary of the ongoing historical-architectural documentation of the smelter complex;

• A multimedia example of drone technology as used in the documentation project;

• A discussion of the value of oral-historical interviews in documenting Superior’s mining history; and,

Residents will also be able to ask any questions they have about reclamation or the mine in general.

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