Residents watch out for each other at Rising Sun

Susanne Jerome/Apache Moccasin Residents of the Rising Sun neighborhood by the new Boys and Girls club enjoy a nice Saturday.

After having almost all tribal recreational events postponed or canceled, the residents of the Rising Sun neighborhood, up by the new Boys and Girls club still have a beautiful Saturday full of warm sun and flowers to enjoy.

Though, Sherrill Stewart, who runs San Carlos Little League, said that even Baseball and softball might not happen since it is partly funded by the tribal government.  She said that this year the Arizona Diamondbacks had offered jerseys to the teams. Hopefully things will shake out in time for the season to happen.

Rising Sun has been above Bylas since 2014, according to Isiah May and Bernie Ferreira of the housing department. Fifteen houses are rented and 23 are being purchased and according to one resident it is a close knit community, people watching out for each other’s kids and their houses when neighbors go on vacation. Joy has a mature Palo Verde tree to play on.  The many protective but friendly dogs help chase off Mountain Lions and Bob Cats that occasionally come by.


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