Resident questions aquatic center

Dear Editor:

The Aquatic Center Committee has failed. The master plan started as a Pollyanna $8.9 million fiasco meant to be paid for by my taxpayer dollars. They needed to get State Legislature approval to be a taxing entity. This would allow them to put a measure on the ballot, if approved, to tax everyone in the region to support their dream. 

The City of Globe rightfully decided to take back the initiative to repair the pool after seven years.

The only people I see who are at odds are the over-educated professional paper pushers whose dream has died. I don’t know all the Aquatic Center Committee personnel, but I do not think there is a single self-made, successful entrepreneur among them. No Jonovich, DalMolin, Fletcher, Wong, McSpadden or any successful person who knows how to get a job done. 

Sam Palmer

Globe, AZ