Remembering the victims of the Jammerz Bar shooting

Andrea Justice/Arizona Silver Belt The bench dedicated to the victims who died during the Jammerz Bar shooting on Nov. 11, 2018 can be seen at Globe Veterans Memorial Park.

One year later hundreds of people from Globe-Miami gathered to remember the lives that were tragically taken on Nov. 11, 2018.

The evening began with bench dedication in memory of Cristi Licano, Daniel Albo and Ashley Sanchez at the Globe Memorial Park. The engraved bench says Globe-Miami Strong followed by the names, birth dates and passing dates of the three victims.

Mayor Al Gameros opened with a prayer, asking everyone to continue to pray for the families of all involved that night. He was followed by Chief Walter’s who made a statement. “As in every great tragedy, there is light. There is that moment that inspires, that reminds us that we will, we will move forward, we will get stronger, we will. We will be Globe-Miami strong.”

Charlie Rose, one of the few that survived her injuries, fought through the pain to speak about her love for her friend, Ashley Sanchez, that died at the hospital after the shooting. Daniel Albo, and a beloved bartender, Cristi Licano, both died at the scene.

Everyone then walked down Broad Street followed by a candlelit vigil in front of Jammerz Bar. Globe Police Department set up road blocks so the crowd wouldn’t be affected by local traffic during the event. Jammerz Bar reopened after the shooting, but permanently closed in September. The suspect, Sterling Hunt, is still incarcerated awaiting trial.


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