Radios are one issue for Globe PD

Globe — Police Chief, Mark Nipp reported on the state of Public Safety Radio in Globe and obtained a council resolution empowering city staff to look into three new repeater locations and to negotiate for access to them. He also wanted the city to move toward  upgrading the repeaters the department is using now.

In a clear, and complete Power Point, he illustrated the present situation.  The Department has only one location that actually broadcasts.  The two other sites can receive calls from police radios but must transmit the signal by way of copper land line to dispatch.  All current locations are in low places and cannot receive calls from several places in town.  The existence of these “dead zones” has put  Globe police officers in danger.  The wife of a former Globe police officer, now working for Gila County, Ms. Lorie Smith spoke emphatically to the Council on that issue.

Chief Nipp proposed that the city investigate gaining access  to three possible sites that are secure, accessible and on high ground.  Haggen Tanks on the west, High Desert Middle School on the east, and the 300 foot  Radio KQSS tower north of town.  He also wanted permission for city staff to investigate upgrading the existing equipment so that equipment at each location could actually broadcast to police radios.   The resolution passed unanimously.

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