Open letter to U.S. Representative Tom O’Halleran

Dear Editor:

I am a native of the Southwestern USA. I came from pioneer ancestors who settled many places in this region. I have spent 90 percent of my life between Arizona and New Mexico and I know many people in your home district.

I do not believe that you were elected by us to come home from Washington to regurgitate the policies of Pelosi and Schumer. Many of the residents here, regardless of their party affiliation, are of conservative nature.

Come election time I will certainly not be voting for you and hope many of my friends, relatives and other acquaintances will follow suit and remember that you joined the charade of trying to oust a duly elected President without a shred of evidence of criminal wrong doing on his part.

Evidence is what it is and you have NONE.


C. Arthur Lee

Apache County

Sheriff (Retired)


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