Online threat surprises students on first day


San Carlos High School students got a surprise on their first day of school, Wednesday, July 31, when they had to pass a crowd of San Carlos policeman at the door of the high school. Their bags were searched and they had to line up boys on the left, girls on the right for a pat down search, and a search of their bags.

A picture had been posted on-line of a person holding guns with the caption “Don’t go to school.” According to a source at the high school. By Wednesday morning the issue was resolved when a 16-year-old was taken into custody for posting the photo.

This cut the opening of school festivities in the gym a bit short and caused the school to be on “Lock-out”, a lower level of security than lock down which controlled movement in and out of campus buildings.

Globe High School also sent out a message to parents stating that they were aware of the threat in a neighboring community and that the suspect had been apprehended and the schools were still going to take extra precautions to ensure the safety of the students and staff.

San Carlos Police Department released a statement on their Facebook page stating they did arrest an individual in reference to threats made towards the San Carlos High School.

The investigation is on-going and the San Carlos Police Department would like to thank the community, departments and unified school district for their cooperation.

They also stated that threats of this nature will not be tolerated, the BIA and FBI will be included in the on-going investigation.


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