Neighborhood watch

Globe Police referred to the incident as a “citizen assist” in their daily report, which I suppose is fitting since no charges were filed. However, for my 15-year-old daughter the incident that took place on her way home from a school meeting last Wednesday was a little more frightening than what was considered a citizen’s assist.

It was around 6:45 p.m. when she left the high school and started to walk across the highway to our home. She was just passing the USA Inn, when an intoxicated couple approached her. The female started yelling at my daughter, calling her “Maria”. She threatened to hurt my daughter telling her she was going to beat her up. She proceeded to chase my daughter, yelling profanities at her. My daughter, in response, said, “I’m not Maria. I’m just a teenager.”

When my daughter ran through the door, she was visibly shaken and scared. My husband contacted the authorities and they asked if we wanted to press charges on the couple. He said no, we just want people like that off of our street.

Perhaps every neighborhood has two or three intoxicated people lurking in the creek bed. Maybe everyone calls the cops a few times a month because of a frightening incident taking place on their street. Or maybe it only happens on the road between Connie’s and USA Inn. Who’s to say?

While we promote the expansion and growth of local businesses and encourage citizens to invest in the future of Globe-Miami, let’s not forget the small issues that continue to stain our community.

My kids and my neighbors kids deserve a safe zone in their neighborhood, and they shouldn’t have to worry about who they are going to run into on their way home from school. I encourage area residents to look out for each other. If you see something suspicious report it.