Miami Vandals take the kettle

When Globe with a record of 4 wins to 6 losses kicked off to Miami it was plain to see that they were in for a struggle. The team of quarterback, Ryan Powell and his favorite receiver, Gabe Escobedo had powered Miami to 6 wins and 3 losses in the season so far, though in this game a ferocious Globe defensive line interfered quite a bit with their game of catch.

They stopped the initial Miami drive, and Globe took hold of the ball and scored on their first possession. A long pass by Globe quarterback, Caden Hansen got the tigers down close to the goal and they went over twice for the touchdown and the 2 extra points. Miami was unable to score on their possession and punted to Miami who worked the ball down to the goal in spite of two fourth down plays. A pass to #21 who leaped and scrambled into the end zone, and the game was tied 8-8 at the end of the first quarter.

Globe went through four downs. Miami took over battling penalties and suffering a sort of sack when Vandal #14, Daniel Gutierrez got through and tackled Tiger #21 for a loss just as he was getting the handoff. They scored but missed the conversion which left their score at 14 against 8 for Globe.

The Tigers didn’t take long to retaliate. A long pass to Tiger #11,  Markell Woods garnered 6 points and the 2 point conversion made the score 16-14 Globe. Maybe they were powered by the fire-truck-loud cheers of the Globe Cheerleaders.

Miami ran out of downs, punted to Globe but Vandal #8, Jayden Goss intercepted a pass to give them the ball back. Ryan Powell threw one incomplete pass and completed another for a Miami touchdown, which was their final score of 20-16 since the Tigers were able to deny them the extra point.

The Vandals started off the second half with an onside kick which they recovered and drove down to the 1-yard line where Globe stopped and took control of the ball. But they had to punt in their turn.

The vandals got a couple of first downs, but used up three downs and it was to fourth and 19 to  go. Powell was unable to pull a fourth down completed pass out of his hat this time, and the ball went to Globe.

Globe and Miami went through their downs without score until the last few minutes of the game when Globe passed and ran down to the 4-yard line at which point the clock ran out. Or did it? After long expostulations with Coach Mark Openshaw of Globe, the officials decreed that the clock on the field had indeed run out despite what the score-board clock, which had been going through strange gyrations in the fourth quarter said. It was heart breaking for Globe, another play would give them a chance to win the game, but not for Miami who gets to keep the Copper Kettle for another year.


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