Miami Vandals host Round Valley Elks

MIAMI — Rough time in Miami for Friday night lights, as your Miami Vandals took on the division leading undefeated  Round Valley Elks.

The night started out with a lot of 3 and outs for the vandals  with the Round Valley Elks scoring on every drive with explosive running plays proving to be a monster of a team. The vandals did however show that they will not go down with out a fight and displayed some speed of their own as Tarango darted down field on a 95 yard kick return for the vandals first TD taking place in the second quarter.

Elks answered back with a TD and then answered again in an odd fashion by kicking an onside kick (for which they recovered) when they where dominating the half 42 to 6.

Clearly the Elks where showing no mercy driving down field to score again. Round valley throws to the end zone where it was picked off by Vandals own Tarango, however the play was called back due to a penalty for roughing the passer.

Elks go on to score right before the first half ends making a score of 49 to 6.

Second half was somewhat of a different story, while the Elks came out  with explosive speed, the Vandals came with some defense. No 49 points in this half, the Vandals held the Elks to just 14 points with all players performing with great athleticism. Brilliant tackling by Huggins, Escobedo, Gomez, Goss and Gilmore with a couple batted down balls. 

With the last possession for the vandals coming at the end of the game, the offense showed flexed their muscles by converting on downs. Getting the yards needed by Spurgeon and company, the Vandals got to Elks territory where Saenz threw a beautiful pass to the end zone with Gomez making the dive and roll catch for another vandal TD! 

Although the final score was 63 to 12 (most points on the season scored against the Elks), Vandals never once showed giving up and heart was displayed from your Miami Vandals.

The Vandals will host the Braves on Friday, October 6 for their Homecoming at 7 p.m.

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