Miami Vandals defeat San Carlos Braves

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Miami — Drama at the gridiron from the very beginning of the Miami Homecoming game Friday, Oct. 6. Vandals open up the game with the kick off. On the Braves 1st possession, 2nd play they go with the pass which is intercepted and returned for a touchdown (pick six) by the Vandals #1 Gabe Gomez. Vandals next possession goes down field ending with a #7 Athaniel Spurgeon 4 yard untouched touchdown (7:40 1st quarter score 12-0 Miami). 

Braves 3rd possession started to show promise as the Quarterback #1 Raymond Sneezy, moved the chains with quarterback keeps and with a long bomb caught by #11 Elijah Victor.

 #28 Tristen Sneezy also played a factor in this drive picking up some 1st downs of his own and ending the drive with a 6 yard touchdown that was a well designed play (3:45 1st quarter). 

End of the first quarter Braves defense forcing the Vandals to punt. Start of the second both defenses doing there job forcing punts of a couple interesting drives after the interesting call for an on side kick by the Braves (recovered by Miami). Numerous penalties from both teams including a face mask going against the Vandals.

2nd quarter brought another touchdown for the Braves, with #28 Sneezy having a monster run to get into Vandal territory and with a quarterback keeper getting into the end zone. With 4:51 left in the half we have a tied ball game. Braves again go for an on side kick for which Vandals recover setting them up for good field position and then a bomb pass from Saenz to Gomez and a nice block from #81 Devin Tarango for a 3rd vandal touchdown (4:36 2nd quarter). Braves with a promising looking drive, the QB Sneezy with a continued “Michael Vick” style of play (using his feet  and arm) to move the chains, along with #28 Sneezy demonstrating some amazing footwork however could not get the job done deep in vandal territory closing out the first half. Vandals 18 to Braves 12 halftime.

Beginning of the 2nd half opens with another on side kick attempt recovered by the Vandals putting them again with good field position. Tarango with strong running advancing the ball down field and Gomez punching in a 15 yard rushing touchdown (9:44 in the 3rd quarter score: 25 to 12).

Braves get into Vandal territory but turn the ball over on downs. Saenz with some fast feet if his own keeps the ball for a huge gain down field with Spurgeon powering in a 3 yard touchdown run. Braves on another drive ending with #21 Adin Gilmore  interception. Braves answer back by recovering a Vandal football fumble and then are penalized with a taunting penalty 1st and 20 braves.

Braves march the ball down the field ending the drive with a completed pass to  #12 DeAndre Dude for a braves touchdown (score: 32 to 18 Vandals leading). Braves with a squib kick after the touchdown which is returned by Tarango for a 55 yard return.

Braves taking over on downs and drive the ball down field, however a pass play is picked off by Tarango for another vandal interception.

Vandals eventually close the game by taking a knee.

A good display of football coming from both teams with some questionable play calling, and unnecessary penalties (face masks and delay of games), but all in all some entertaining Friday night lights. Final score 32 to 18 Vandals victory.

The Miami Vandals will travel to St. John’s on  Friday, Oct. 13 with kickoff at 7 p.m.

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