Miami Town Council discusses investments

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The Town of Miami currently has surplus funds, and at every meeting since September 26, they have discussed ways to earn interest for the Town while investing safely and legally. Most of the money must be used for maintenance of the sanitation system. The remainder is reserved for emergencies.

At the November 14 Town Council meeting, Michael Leslein and Jacob Richardson from the Arizona State Treasurer’s Office shared information on the Local Government Investment Pool, which invests funds for over 150 Arizona entities ranging from cities and towns to special taxing districts. Due to a misunderstanding, not enough details were provided and the council requested more information.

Earlier in the year, the Council considered increasing compensation for the Mayor, Vice Mayor and Council, but conflicting resolutions required a rewrite of the proposed action. Because no objections were raised to the rewrite, the resolution goes into effect on November 28.

Town Manager Alexis Rivera met with Capstone Mining on November 15 to receive  pro-bono grants to support funding for the swimming pool and bridge repairs.

Rivera also reported that the Town advertised for a chief of police during the week of October 31. He hopes to be able to recruit for the police sergeant position before Thanksgiving. Due to short staffing, the Town is looking at an Intergovernmental Agreement with Globe for additional police support.

During the Call to the Public, Brita Crone, community outreach coordinator for the University of Arizona Hazard Mitigation Program, wanted people to know that they are ready to do soil sampling and asked council members to have samples done for their properties this weekend. The goal is to gather 60 to 100 samples over the next few weeks. If you are interested in having the soil on your property sampled for post-wildfire contaminants, contact Ms. Crone at (623) 213-9121 to schedule an appointment. The sampling process will take approximately one hour for each property.

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