Miami Sewer project nears completion

Cassie Tafoya/Arizona Silver Belt Construction on phase 2 of the Miami Sewer project is moving quickly down Sullivan St.

Miami sewer project phases 3 through 5 are complete, coming in around a million dollars under budget. “Hilgart Wilson and KE&G did a great job,” stated Miami Town Manager Joseph Heatherly.

There were some issues in phases 3-5 but minor compared to phase 2 because of the extra steps taken prior to starting phase 3. There were a fewer breaks in the current phases and KE&G made a lot of suggestions, eliminating manholes, re-routing pipelines with ADEQ approval. These changes made a big difference in how the project went. Heatherly said, “That’s what happens when you get a good construction manager in the field.”

Phase 2 is in the final steps of repairing areas of problems that began on Dec. 9 and is going well. Sullivan will be repaved when the work is finished all the way to Bullion Plaza and even up Canyon.

Council member Bringhurst commented that they are doing a great job and moving quickly.

The special income survey that has been underway for months still hasn’t reached its goal. 306 returns have been submitted but some of them were doubles, triples or from out of town people. So of those only 184 are on the list that was generated from ADOH. 328 surveys is the original target and over the next two weeks, employees from the town of Miami will continue to get the surveys completed by knocking on doors. They will be on Prospect, Chism, Sullivan, Rose, Smith, Elwood, Canyon and El Maguey to try and get the addresses needed. The survey is simple and only asks for your household income and how many people live in the house.

The town of Miami is also offering an incentive for those who are on the list and complete it.

If you have any questions you can call the Town of Miami at 928-473-4403.


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