Miami looks to fix sinkholes

Miami — At the May 8 Miami Town Council meeting, town manager Joseph Heatherly reported the results of the preliminary report from Peterson Geotechnical Group LLC, which was hired to analyze the sink holes in certain areas of the town.

Heatherly will be sending a letter to Kinkaid Construction along with the results, asking them to put together a plan to remedy the situation. Kinkaid will have seven days to respond. The results of Peterson’s study show that the work completed wasn’t satisfactory.

The town will have to wait and see how widespread the problem is. The long-term time frame isn’t clear at this point, but the town will be starting with this. The town will not be financially responsible for any repairs to the areas that were evaluated.

Audit results from Fiscal Year 2015/16 were presented to the council by auditor Scott Powell. Powell reviewed the town’s financial records, receipts, bank accounts, board minutes, etc. to make sure the numbers match on both sides. The town has made significant improvements in areas, but there is still room for improvement. Historically, the town has spent more than what is coming in. The General Fund provides for the general welfare of the town, and with a large construction project underway, the town needs to pay close attention to it.

The auditors couldn’t give an opinion on the town town’s utility accounts. On every other item, such as the Senior Center, Transit and the General Fund, the audtiros were able to get enough information to give the opinion of fairly presented. One item the auditors liked was having better books this year. Tom Foster was reappointed for a three-year term to MPC to expire May 1, 2020.

Michael 23 gave an update on the Miami Loco Arts Festival. He said the event went very well; it was just a busy weekend to hold it. The council commended him on his organizing of the event for eight years. Michael 23 also delivered five trees to the town to be planted.

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