Miami junior high football team wins Central Junior High League

EDITOR: There was a misprint in last week’s Silver Belt; the Miami Junior High Football Team won the Central Junior High League 11-Man Football Championship, not the junior high state championship as previously reported.

In addition to the players mentioned for their play during the championship game against Eloy in last week’s article, Coach Manuel Noriega also wants to praise performances by Dylan Mancha, Angelo Gatewood, Uriel Perez, Daniel Gutierrez and Daniel Moat.

The team’s accomplishment was also due in part because of the younger players on a daily basis; their hard work at practice makes the starting defensive of offensive starting teams better players.

Coach Noriega would like to acknowledge the team’s success in the classroom, as well. One of the goals the team set, at the beginning of the season, was to maintain a team Grade Point Average of a 3.0 or better. Based on what he has seen on their weekly grades, their GPA seems to be closer to 3.5 GPA. A promised pizza party for meeting that goal seems to be forthcoming.

Coach Noriega would like to thank coaches Chris Goss, Anthony Castaneda, Daniel Gutierrez, Juan Gonzales and Manager Marl Egitto for their help this year. He is also looking forward to seeing every team member on the field next year.

Coach Manuel Noriega, Miami Junior High Football Team

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