MHS student voices thoughts on storming of Capitol

Dear Editor:

“What the American people must never forget is that when Fascism comes to America it will come wrapped in the American flag.” -Arthur Knoy 

It has been joked about for years that the Trump administration would be the closest the country would ever be to fascism. It would often be covered up with the lie, “the real fascists are the anti-fascist.” By all means, domestic terrorism and rioting, no matter the cause, is not, and cannot be, defended constitutionally. Americans were blessed by our founding fathers the right to exercise the written amendments. The first amendment states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances” (rev. 1992). The people are protected to practice religion, practice freedom of speech, and practice assembly. The people were given these rights to uphold democracy. Unexpectedly, this very amendment would lead to one of the most devastating days in American history.

By all means, people have the right to express their political views no matter how bizarre it may seem to others. Where the line draws between expressing opinions and oppressing opinions has somehow been so discreetly tampered with. To everyone who vows that upholding the constitution is of the uppermost importance; all agree that treason is the worst offense to ever commit. What happens when the definition of “treason” has become so warped, that understanding what it means to uphold democracy is so incredibly diverse? These people were told what it means to uphold democracy by a fascist.

Politics has been so warped by extremism that decency has almost no meaning. To some, the current events of America is a war. Not some political pitter-patter. To an extent, they are correct. This is a war on democracy. Extremism has infected our country to its roots. The events of today show how fragile a single Presidency has made a superpower country. In the span of four years, a great nation managed to become an utter embarrassment. Direct definitions no longer matter, upholding the will of a person is of more importance than upholding the will of the people. These people who have committed an atrocity to our founder fathers were told that their actions were the actions of a patriot. They believe they are in the right. A banner “JESUS 2020” was flown at the Capitol. There have been reported injuries to people and officers. How did we get here?

The internet completely changed the world. Expressing opinions and beliefs has never been easier. Communication has advanced to unimaginable levels. It is a blessing that we live in a day and age where news and information can be spread so swiftly and efficiently. It is a power that humanity has achieved. However, like all power, with it comes great responsibility. In this case, no one has taken responsibility. From crazy deep-web conspiracy theories like QANON to straight-up major news networks, these networks have fueled people with so much false and misleading information. It has been happening for years; now look at where we are.

A news reporter today said, “While he said to go home his words were wrapped in a lie,” after President Trump spoke to the people. Everything Donald Trump said on national television is completely bogus. He never was, and never proved himself to be, presidential. Anyone who cannot see this line is not fit for politics. Anyone who cannot operate on a person, should not be a surgeon. Let Jan. 6, 2021 be a somber day.

Jessica Hughes, MHS