MHS  receives grant to fight alcohol, drug abuse

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Miami — Miami Jr./Sr. High School learned last week that it has received a grant to address teen misuse of alcohol, marijuana and prescription drugs.

The grant is federally funded and is administered by the Arizona Governor’s Office on Youth, Faith and Family. Miami will receive $50,000 for the 2017-18 school year, and as long as the federal funds are still available, the school can renew the grant for the following two school years as well.

“This grant will allow us to build a community-connected campaign against the things kids do that ruin their lives,” Miami principal Glen Lineberry said. “And this is also part of our ‘No D in Miami’ initiative — no drugs, no drinking, no dummies and no drama.”

Lineberry reports that the grant money will be directed to three avenues. First, the grant will pay for a stipend and curriculum materials for Pat Dodd from the Gila County Health Department. On Mondays during the school year, Dodd will deliver curriculum to all students in grades 7 through 12.

Second, Miami will implement ASU’s American Dream Academy, which is an eight-week program for parents. Lineberry says it is a “wildly successful program” that will help reduce negative behavior from students and increase the graduation rate and the number of students who go on to attend college after high school.

The program will kick off with a special event with Dr. Adolph Brown on Monday, Sept. 11. Lastly, Miami will begin a “Storytelling Project” with help from the LA Street Poets. Students will tell stories of temptation, resistance and recovery, to be shared with other students. A documentary filmmaker will provide technical expertise.

“With this grant, we will be able to attack the things that make students susceptible to negative behaviors,” Lineberry said. “We want students to know when people are encroaching on their emotional, psychological and physical, and how to resist that.”

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