Mayor Monthly Report May

Covid Update And Vaccines

As Arizona continues to open up and ease on restrictions, it is important to be aware that our state is still averaging 576 new cases and 10 deaths daily for the month of May. There are still 553 patients that are hospitalized. Arizona is still only about 40% vaccinated of eligible residents. There is a mix of options of wearing masks, to being required to optional on many businesses. Continue to respect each other no matter what your choice is regarding wearing a mask. The CDC guidelines still require that individuals who have not been fully vaccinated to wear a mask when indoors.

Gila county continues to lead the state percentage in the number of residents that are vaccinated. Gila county documented 44 new cases in May down from 339 in April. The Globe-Miami community documented 20 of those new cases for the month, up from only 12 in April. The Gila County Health Department has confirmed a total of 229 deaths in the county, 163 are non-tribal and 66 are tribal since the pandemic began. The Health Department continues ongoing testing for Covid 19 and anti-body testing. I encourage to consider getting vaccinated for the protection of all of us.

Congratulations to all the high school graduates in both the public and private schools from Globe-Miami and San Carlos. Good luck as you enter into the next phase of your life.

Congratulations to Marianno Gonzales for his appointment as the District 5 Councilman. Marianno was one of four applicants who applied for the opening. He was sworn in and took his official seat at the May 25th council meeting. A huge thank you to the other applicants who applied and were willing to step in. This appointment will end at the next election cycle in 2022 and then will be opened to the voters to choose in the election process. The other applicants were Carmen Casillas, Eric Mariscal, and Matt Storm.

2.5% Flat Tax Bill

The Arizona House and Senate are attempting to pass a 2.5% Flat Tax Bill that would hold cities responsible for the debt of the bill for the next ten years. This would mean an annual cut of state shared revenues of 361K to Globe. We cannot afford to lose that amount of revenue annually without affecting the services the we offer our residents.

The Governor is putting heavy pressure on members of the House trying to get the 31 votes that he needs to pass it. He states that cities across Arizona will not be impacted by the cut because they will make it up in growth. That may be true in the larger cities or our state, but not in rural communities like Globe that have not seen growth in decades.

On May 27th, the bill was tabled and not voted on because they did not have the votes. This will give the Arizona League of Cities an opportunity to continue to fight back on this tax cut. Our city is fortunate to have Representative David Cook representing us and fighting to protect our rural communities. He is not afraid of standing up and voicing his concerns for the people that put him in office and has been a tremendous influence in these discussions. Without his efforts, this bill may have already passed. Please take the opportunity to thank Representative Cook for his tremendous efforts to represent us.

Projects In Progress

The City Council approved Ordinance 872 that amends the zoning area for the proposed Reyes Ridge Housing Development. This simply rezones the property from the County designation R1-D10 single family and R3-D3 multifamily zoning district to the City of Globe designation.

A public hearing was held to discuss the five named projects that were eligible for the Community Development Block Grant funding that the city receives every three years. After the hearing closed the City Council unanimously approved to use the full $177K CDBG for recreation for the park revitalization projects. This is part of the city’s Recreation Master Plan and the approved Strategic Action Plan to complete projects with short term results especially after coming out of the Covid pandemic. The funding will be used for the revitalization of several parks in the city including the Community Center. The master plan also includes the upgrade of the Community Center Pool at a cost of $1,000,080.

The new sidewalk project at the 100 block of East Mesquite is now completed. The new islands have been laid for the stop signs to be installed. This intersection will become another four way stop for the purpose of pedestrian safety and to slow vehicles down as they travel north on Broad Street. We understand that it will take some time for everyone to get used to the new stop signs.


The FY 2021-2022 budget process continued throughout May and into June for final approval in July. The city’s projected revenues for the next fiscal year is $11,113,281. The beginning fund balance is $4,277,876. There is also an enterprise fund balance, but final figures are being calculated for an exact amount. In order to balance the budget each year, the expenditures cannot exceed the projected revenues. We want to thank all our department heads and staff for your hard work through this process.

Upcoming Events

Every Saturday Farmers Market at Globe Veterans Park (8-11 a.m.)

Community Concert at Globe Veterans Park (6:30-9 p.m.)

Continues Every Other Saturday Until September 4th

June 11, 2021 Globe-Miami Chamber Annual Awards Ceremony at Dream Manor

June 12, 2021 Dollar Dump Day at the Gila County Landfill

June 24, 2021 Globe-Miami Chamber Mixer at Bravo (6-8 p.m.)