May 31-June 6 Arrest Reports

Editor’s Note: The names published in the Arrest Reports are public record and include those people who have been cited, arrested and booked. This is not an indication of guilt, as all people are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Gila County Sheriff’s Office

Curtis, William J., 41, Safford – failure to appear

Madrid, Ernest F. Jr., 53, Phoenix – interfering with judicial proceedings

Martinez, Louie R. Jr., 33, Globe – trespassing, theft, criminal damage

Patten, Leon J. Jr., 32, San Carlos – aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, disorderly conduct with a weapon, weapons misconduct/prohibited possessor, possession of a dangerous drug, possession of drug paraphernalia

Daniels, Melissa D., 42, Payson – extreme DUI .15 or more

Lauridsen, Justin R., 35, Globe – DUI self-surrender

Orms, Christopher O., 35, Payson – probation violation

Shaw, Edward R., 32, Flagstaff – failure to appear x 2

Hill, Israel, 28, Peridot – assault

Lively, Samuel J., 29, Hooper – DUI self-surrender

Munyan, Walter H., 59, Claypool – failure to pay

Briones, Anthony G., 62, Globe – court remand, post-adjudication warrant x 3

Bustamante, Joel F., 39, Miami – court remand

Mathews, Whitney M., 31, Payson – court remand

Mikeworth, David L., 46, Globe – disorderly conduct

Steely, James F., 67, Payson – DUI self-surrender

Vinsant, Terry W., 38, Globe – court remand

Wright, Jesse D., 26, Globe – failure to appear

Hall, Brittany J., 37, Phoenix – failure to appear

Hostler, Amanda M., 36, Lakeside – failure to appear

Proctor, Brittanny N., 24, Payson – DUI self-surrender

Robertson, Curtis E., 44, Chandler – failure to appear

Anderson, Robert C. Jr., 39, Apache Junction – child support warrant

Camp, Levi W., 29, Payson – failure to pay

Williams, Paul A., 32, Payson – DUI self-surrender

Beckham, Jodie D., 43, Payson – possession of a dangerous drug, promoting prison contraband

Bray, Brady W., 24, Globe – self-surrender

Browning, Elroy B. Jr., 28, Peridot – disorderly conduct

Henry, Lorenzo T., 36, Peridot – probation violation

Hulbert, Justin T., 41, Payson – self-surrender

Montoya, Ernie R., 44, Roswell, NM – probation violation

Gila County Drug, Gang and Violent Crimes Task Force

Gilbert, Gabriel, 29, Bylas – failure to appear

Gomez, Carlos F., 23, Phoenix – possession of a narcotic drug, possession of a narcotic drug for sale, transportation of a narcotic drug for sale

Globe Police Department

Ozuna, Gwendoline M., 37, Globe – aggravated harassment, possession of a narcotic drug, possession of a dangerous drug, possession of drug paraphernalia

Roehrig, Victor C., 24, San Carlos – shoplifting

Tarango, Johnni G. Jr., 37, Miami – possession of a dangerous drug, possession of drug paraphernalia

Garcia, Jessica J., 43, Miami – disorderly conduct, obstructing governmental operations

Beale, Matthew C., 40, Tucson – possession of a dangerous drug, possession of drug paraphernalia, unlawful use of means of transportation

Champney, Steven E., 28, Globe – shoplifting, criminal trespass

Cordova, Nycol C., 31, Tucson – unlawful use of means of transportation, parole violation

Aceves, Lynelle, 38, Globe – shoplifting, false reporting

Garcia, Ruben J., 19, Globe – failure to comply with police officer

Avent, Aaron, 26, San Carlos – theft, weapons misconduct

Goseyun, Stephen Jr., 47, Peridot – post-adjudication warrant x 3, failure to appear

Hunter, Ivan J., 28, Peridot – resisting arrest, interfering with judicial proceedings x 2

Salcido, Michael A., 55, Globe – disorderly conduct x 2, threatening or intimidating, false reporting to law enforcement agency

Wright, Juweette A., 40, Bylas – failure to pay

Digeno, Leonard M., 38, Miami – aggravated assault, disorderly conduct

Dorame, Thomas A., 29, Globe – aggravated assault x 3, burglary

Jordan, Adrian L., 28, Globe – failure to appear

Marez, Kristofer P., 23, Globe – aggravated assault

Miami Police Department

Reddick, Jason Z., 18, Tucson – aggravated assault on a peace officer, criminal damage, endangerment

Romero, Tony E., 50, Phoenix – assault/domestic violence, trespassing

Juvera, Alexander G., 33, Globe – assault, disorderly conduct

Department of Public Safety

Gilson, Bernie R., 61, Payson – DUI

Morse, Steven C., 65, Peoria – DUI

Crago, Richard K., 42, Pine – pre-adjudication warrant, failure to appear, possession of drug paraphernalia

Echevarria, Michael A., 27, Claypool – failure to appear

Young, Peaches A., 26, Payson – possession of a narcotic drug x 2, possession of a narcotic drug for sale, transportation of a narcotic drug for sale, possession of drug paraphernalia, endangerment

Beasley, Jacob N., 27, Payson – pre-adjudication


Griffith, Ashley M., 39, Pine – preadjudication warrant

Larsen, Derek L., 23, Payson – possession of drug paraphernalia