Mario Villegas for Justice of the Peace

I am Mario Villegas. I am seeking your support and vote for Globe Regional Justice of the Peace. I was born and raised in the Globe-Miami area. I am a graduate of Globe High School, class of 1999.

I have earned honorable discharges from the U.S. Army and Marine Corps. I served in Iraq in 2003 as a rifleman/assualtman with 1st Marine Division. During my tour, I earned a Presidential Unit Citation as well as a combat action ribbon. More importantly I had the opportunity to lead Marines, a very personal dream of mine.

Once retired from the service, I returned home where I have played a big role in supporting our communities. I was the Deputy Fire Chief for the Miami Volunteer Fire Department for several years while attending college. I later completed numerous legal courses to become a certified fire and explosion investigator. I have even studied how to represent the defense side of the court system. I became interested in the legal system after I reviewed the case of a man who was wrongfully executed in Texas.

This was after my own run-in with the law shortly after retiring from the service. I strongly feel that if we had an established Veteran’s court the outcome would have been different in my case. I didn’t let this bad experience make me bitter or vengeful. Instead, I used this opportunity to grow for the better.

I have made it my personal mission to be an advocate for others seeking fair treatment in our legal system and navagating it, connecting them to all their options. 

I am currently involved in several community organizations in which I utilize my experience to bring more services to our area. The biggest organization I contribute to is the VFW, where I currently sit on the Dept. of AZ Council of Administration as the District 6 Commander.

In addition, I have been a member of the Gila County Community Action Program Board. I always strived to be the best in everything I do. If elected I assure you that I will always put the communities of Southern Gila County first, giving you more than my all. I will always remember who elected me to the position of Justice of the Peace as well as the sacrifices made to get me here.