Livestock Auction Profile: Brenna and Cash

Miami High School senior Brenna Sexton is another participant in the Sept. 26 Junior Livestock Auction, with her Maine-Anjou cross steer named Cash. Brenna and other 4-H and FFA students shared their stories over the past few weeks to encourage new bidders (and local teams, too!) to participate in Saturday’s auction, by registering at Read auction specifics in the buyers guide downloadable at and also at, or request one by email to [email protected]

Meet Brenna and Cash

This is my senior year of high school, I joined the 4-H open class when I was five years old. Then I joined the Outlaw Livestock 4-H club when I was nine years old and have now been participating in 4-H for twelve years. Throughout my years of raising livestock in 4-H, I have raised a total of two lambs, two pigs, and four steers.

All 12 years of being involved in 4-H, I have learned a lot things along the way. I started this adventure being a shy person, non-experienced kid but through 4-H, I have grown into an outgoing person. For the past 12 years I have worked endless hours to prepare for the Gila County Fair every year. I have walked a lot miles back and forth training my animals to walk, stop, set up, and handle easy as well as feed then morning and night every day. I also cleaned their waters everyday. Not by winning banners or buckles I have accomplished more than that. I have gained knowledge about livestock through demonstrations, Skill-a-thon, community service and all the other different activities I have participated in. Some of the few things I have learned is to encourage each other, help others, be kind, commitment, managing time wisely, money management, and so much more. Although the biggest thing I have learned is to be responsible. Whether it be for my actions or for my duties how to work hard and make sure my animals are taken care of. Fulfilling the responsibility of wanting to raise great quality animals and succeed.

This year I am raising a steer to show at the Gila County Fair. His name is Cash. I gave his name off the movie, “Fox and the Hound”, Cash was the name of the hound dog. I purchased him from Anchor F auction in November of last year. Cash is a Maine-Anjou cross. He also has the funniest personality. We have had long walks, stubborn moments, and memories. I will be sad to see him go.

We have all had a wrench thrown in our path this year but that didn’t stop us from showing and selling our livestock. The 2020 Gila County fair will be a virtual auction. I would like to invite all supporters, buyers, families and the livestock community to join Cash and I this year!
Our Gila County Fair could not be possible without our buyers. I would like to thank my family, Community, buyers and all other supporters for supporting me throughout my years of raising livestock. I hope that everyone will participate in the 2020 Gila County Virtual Livestock Auction.


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