“Let’s Build a Splash Local Businesses”

Courtesy photo The staff of Kachina Properties raised $2,655.92 through hot dog sales.

Cobre Valley Regional Aquatic Center is a 501 (c) (3) and is raising money to build a modern water facility for everyone to enjoy. For more information, please visit www.CobreValleyAquatic.org.

“Kachina Properties is in the business of selling the Globe-Miami area every day; therefore, we support any addition or project that improves the value of life in our area. We believe that the Cobre Valley Regional Aquatic Center will do just that. We take great pride in our efforts to raise money for the project and feel inspired to continue to do so. Sincerely, Kachina Properties Team”

Kachina Properties raised $2,655.92 through hot dog sales and their donation jug. An anonymous donor dropped a check in the jug for $1,000 and MDC Electric donated $200 for the project.

“Pretty Kind Boutique is proud to contribute to the Cobre Valley Regional Aquatic Center. We are excited to see our community grow and offer more options for our wonderful community members. A big thank you to all of our Pretty Kind customers for making this donation possible! Sincerely, Mo and Sarah”

Over a weekend in September, Pretty Kind Boutique donated ten percent of their sales to the aquatic center and would like to continue to make this donation in the future. That is “Pretty Kind!” CVRAC thanks you for your $250 contribution.

We thank all our local businesses who have put “Gallon Jugs” on their counter to help fill the aquatic center. Gallon by Gallon, Globe-Miami, we will “Build a Splash!”

We would like to thank: Family Dollar (Globe), Cobre Valley CrossFit, Pinal Lumber, Dairy Queen, Irene’s, Waggin’ Vineyard, Good 2 Go, Nurdberger, Globe Public Library, Hollis Cinema, Pretty Kind Boutique, Tri-City Furniture, Bloom, Bravo, La Casita, Globe Gym, Connie’s, Dave’s Fast Stops, O’Reilly Auto Parts, and Judy’s Cook House. Thanks to the openhanded cooperation from these businesses an additional $584.27 has been raised, bringing the community that much closer.