Lee Kornegay Haiku Poetry participants and yearbook pickup

Earlier this Spring, Lee Kornegay students entered Expressive Education’s 2020 American Poetry Digest Haiku contest. Winning students are provided the opportunity to have their poem published. Poems are selected by a panel of educators who evaluated the overall quality of the poem based on the student’s age, grade level, creativity, age-appropriate language, sensory/figurative language, structure, and poetic techniques.

We are beyond proud to announce the names of the 137 students who were selected from Lee Kornegay Intermediate School.

Matthew Acton, Aislyn Alexander, Roxanne Allen, Paige Anthony, Isabella Arbizo, Bentley Armenta, Ana Armstrong, Katelynn Askew, Janessa Berumen, Brielle Blair, Skyler Bracy, Chevy Brewer, Emiliano Brewer, Andrew Brown, Robert Brown, Jazmine Chacon, Olivia Chacon, Isaiah Chavez, Thomas Craigmyle, Analee Crawford, Celeste Cruz, Grace Cruz, Brylee Dho, Apache Diaz, Beau Dickison, Grayson Do, Jeffrey Do, Vincent Doss, Rudy Dozal, Abbie Duarte, Damen Duarte, Samuel Duperron, Ayden Duran, Derek Encizo, Alayah Enendu, Daemon Enfield, Bentley Epperson, Elena Estevane, Kayla Estrada, Gabriel Eylicio, Andru Falquez, Itzel Flores, Bella Garcia, Adrina Garcia, Jace Gardner, Autianna Garner, Isacc Gerardo, Michael Golden, Kaiden Goss, Christian Guerrero, Ryder Guerrero, Ethan Guthrey, Kenneth Hernandez, Trey Hernandez, Jaden Hernandez, Audrina Herrera, Jayce Higginbotham, Paetyn Howell, Colter Hulbert, Dan Ivins, Alijah Ivins, Uriah Johnson, Alexander Juvera, Danyela Leatherman, JT Ledbetter, Kaiden Lee, Liliana Light, Justin Lopez, Serenity Lundstrom, Gary Lyman, Ariza Mageno, Hector Mariscal, Corey Martinez, Sarii Martinez, Mercedes Mata, Joseff McDaniel, Brianna Mckee, Abigail Meintzer, Kyra Mitchell, Sebastian Montano, Nico Navas, Ambriah Olivaz, Macen Ornelas, Natalie Ortiz, Jeriah Palmer, Xavier Pearce, Daniel Pena, Kyle Petty, Liam Philpot, Emmee Porto, Zoey Price, Xander Prieto, Justin Rains, Andrew Ray, Katie Reed, Abel Reyes, Tessa Roberts, Maxx Rocha, Carlos Rodriguez, Raegan Romero, Dominic Romero, Damion Romero, Angel Salazar, Raul Sanchez, Bryan Sanchez, Abbigail Sanders, Ronin Searle, Anozira Shirkey, Shelby Shows, Omarosa Shurter, Makayla Silvers, Ernest, Simmon-Chavez, William Stanley, Timothy Steveson, Jordan Stidham, Lathan Strom, Bradley Tarango, Jayvin Thomas, Nicole Tidey, Payton Toumberlin, Elecia Tuffly, Shane Upshaw, Payten Uto, Valentina Valencia, Jason Valtierra, Randi Vargas, Dani Vargas, Eli Verdugo, Jayde Verdugo, Sudden Westberry, Savannah Westberry, Alexxander Westberry, Nevaeh Williams, Loghan Williamson, Jade Wood, Jazmine Worcester, Yucenia Ybarra.

Every student at Lee Kornegay will receive a yearbook this year, thanks to the Miami Unified School District. Yearbooks will be available for pick up in the Lee Kornegay Gym alomg with personal items that were left in the classroom.

There is a time schedule according to the classroom teacher to honor social distancing and keep everyone safe.

Wednesday, May 13

9 a.m. to Noon Mrs. Gunthrey

1 to 4 p.m. Mrs. Buckley

Thursday, May 14

9 a.m. to Noon Mrs. Winquest

Monday, May 18

9 a.m. to Noon Mrs. Beydler

1 to 4 p.m. Mrs. Steele

Tuesday, May 19

9 a.m. to Noon Mrs. Gordon

1 to 4 p.m. Ms. Gorman


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