Learn Container Gardening Online Thursday July 23

Whether you prefer whimsical, colorful, artistic ceramic pots -- or utilitarian, lightweight plastic buckets -- container gardening allows you to grow vegetable, herbs, flowers and other plants where they otherwise couldn’t -- and to move them as the season progresses, even indoors over winter months. The only limit is your ingenuity and imagination. Gila County Cooperative Extension’s popular summer series of Thursday morning one-hour classes on a variety of garden and horticulture topics continues July 23 at 11 a.m. Link to the free online webinar is arizona.zoom.us/j/95879141421; but you’ll also find easy, convenient hotlinks at the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension website. Or like and follow Gila County Cooperative Extension on Facebook.

Thursday’s guest speaker, Bill Cook, will discuss container requirements, along with the pro’s and con’s of various container materials. He will describe potting soil characteristics, such as container material, size, location and intended purpose. This presentation also includes: 1) Different options to mix your own soil and how to produce a better soil at a better cost; 2) Watering: How much, how often and how to manage water quality issues, such as hard water; and 3) Fertilizers and long term soil maintenance. Weekly gardening-horticulture webinars are arranged and moderated by Chris Jones, Extension Agent for University of Arizona Gila County Cooperative Extension. Want to be added to his invite list for future gardening and horticulture workshops hosted by Gila County Cooperative Extension? Call Chris at 928-402-8586 or email [email protected]


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