Lady Tigers win last game of season against Lady Braves

Tiger edged out rival San Carlos in three sets 25-23, 25-19, and 25-23 in a contest filled with “killed” balls, which to the striker’s disappointment did not stay killed as the other side dug them up to be played over the net. There were many plays such as that by Brave’s #11, senior, Courtney Henry hitting the deck after a successful dig. or D’Angela Tsosie Tiger #3 backed up by Aarianna Tafoya Tiger #5. And there were outrageous saves as players rescued balls far out of the court. There almost seemed to be even more Tiger fans (or they were more fanatic.), since there were Tigers with San Carlos family cheering them on.

In the first set, the Braves were never more than 4 points behind and no more than 3 ahead.

Aaliyah Haozous took over for the Braves after Jaylynn Ailak, lost her serve and brought the score to 3-0 before losing her serve. The Tigers and Braves would gain a point and lose a point until Tiger #15 Deavian Dillon took charge with the score tied 5-5. She got the ball over for three points, and Brave Senior, Tahnia Lee made up a point before Tiger #7 Nessa Nosie brought the score to 7-11.

Brave senior, #10 Jaylyn Ailak brought the score from 12-12 to 14-12. From then on one serve after another was broken by both sides. The Braves, though, held the lead until the dangerous twenties, when Allison Hudgings served with the score 21-20 and tied the game. She got the ball over each time, and the Tigers brought the score up to 22-23 before losing her serve.

Aaliyah Haozous served, but after a long volley, the Braves lost a point. (Score: 22-24). Brave Sonnaya Upshaw got the serve and the Braves gained a point and were one point from a tie.

It was Shania’s turn to serve. Still game point. She got the ball over but after a volley, Tiger, Aarianna Tafoya’s hit was not returned, and the set went to Tiger 25 to 23.

The next set saw the Tigers leading after the second point by one or two points until the Braves were able to tie the score 5-5 with the first serve of Brave #8 Tahnia Lee who served for a couple of points. the Braves were mostly tied or one or two points ahead and as much as three points ahead till Brave #10 Jaylynn Ailak tied the set 16-16. She lost her serve and Tiger #12, Jayden Meeks took over with the score 16-7 and the Tigers never looked back finishing the set six point ahead 19-25.

A big contributor to the win were the points gained during Tiger #4, Natasha George’s serve when the score went from 18-20 to 18-23. The Braves gained their last point breaking her serve making the score 10-23.

When Brave #6 Shania Cassa took over, the Braves had to gain 4 points to win (without losing 2 points. But Cassa’s serve was broken and it was game point.  Nessa Nosie got the ball over for Tiger and the volley ended with a 19-25 victory for Tiger.

The third set was a version of the first set as it was mostly tied with each side going a point or two ahead and behind until Tahnia Lee’s first serve tied the game 6-6. She got the ball over and her side won points until the score was 9-6 San Carlos.

From then on, the Braves were ahead until Tiger #14, Georgie Jones tied the game 19-19 and went ahead.

Shania Cassa gained the serve and she and her team tied the game finishing when the Braves were three ahead 22-19, but Tiger caught up (23-23) and Phinis Fall continued with an ace for two more points leaving Tiger  the winner for the third set and the Match by a score of three sets to none.

The faithful fans won also in a game full of wonderful plays.


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