Lady Tigers pounce on win 100 for Coach Belvado

The Tigers were leading in the first quarter by 11 points. However, a shift in momentum would bring that lead down to 2. Coach Belvado calls a timeout. The Lady Tigers gather around their coach, they talk for 15 seconds and then break the huddle. As they run back out on to the court you can see a business-like attitude descend up the Globe. The momentum shifts back to the Tigers as they work a pass heavy, open shooter approach. With a solid team effort, the regain a 9-point lead.

As we reach the end of the first quarter the Lady Miners of San Manuel bring the score close again. The first quarter ends and Coach Belvado again rallies the Tigers. Just as before, the Tigers take the court and pull ahead, showing that they are the dominate team. But we would see the cycle one more time. The Lady Miners of San Manuel were not finished yet. Through physical play San Manuel was able to gain momentum once again and bring the score within two as the teams reached half time, Globe 15 to San Manuel 13. 

The Silver Belt is not privy to the conversations in the locker room, but whatever Coach Belvado said, it worked for Globe. The Lady Tigers would come out in the third quarter and dominate the entire second half. There were no more slumps in play or bad decisions. When San Manuel played their physical style, Globe matched it; intensity for intensity. The Lady Tigers would run away with this game as they took a 20-point lead by the end of the third quarter.

We have seen a lot of good coaches over the years and coach Emily Belvado is one of them. Congratulations on your win coach! I am sure your team was proud to get 100 for you. Keep up the good work. There is a notable lift in play that Coach Belvado brings to her team. It can be seen in the effort of every player. There is not one athlete who carries the Lady Tigers, it is truly a team effort.


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