Lady Tigers beat San Manuel in extra innings

Tiger Kayla Howard corrals a triple hit to right field. Photo by Susanne Jerome.

The Lady Tigers (second place according to MaxPreps) beat first place San Manuel 4-3 in the bottom of the eighth inning at Globe High School. The game featured pitching that was steady and reliable with few walks for either pitcher, or few errors in fielding. 

In the first inning San Manuel grounded to pitcher Jazlyn Grice, flied to right center, and after a center field single, grounded to second base for a force out. 

Then Globe went three up and three down by means of two strike-outs and a pop foul back to the catcher.

In the top of the second, a miner got to first and stole second. A walk put runners on first and second base, and a base hit brought the second base runner home. A fly straight to the pitcher Jaylin Grice ended the inning.

Globe came up to bat and Jillian Skaggs flied to San Manuel’s pitcher. Lexi Muniz struck out and Hope Bear hit a fly to the pitcher.

The Miners, in turn, went down without a run in the top of the third. Shortstop Zytka Heathman made a leaping catch for the first out, and after San Manuel whacked a base hit to right center way over the head of Heathman, she caught the next fly for out number two. The next Miner to come to bat flied out to Hannah Purcella in center field for the third out.

When Globe got up to bat Heathman hit a bounder with so much energy that the third baseman couldn’t handle it and Globe had a runner on first. As Kayla Howard was striking out, Heathman slid into second base. But the next two batters struck out and Heathman was left on second.

In the top of the fourth, there was no score for San Manuel. The second baseman missed a fly, letting a Miner get on first. And although a bunt to the pitcher led to the first out, the San Manuel runner was able to advance  to second. Jillian Skaggs at first base caught an infield fly for the second out. An awkward infield grounder put a runner on first. And a grounder went to Hope Bear on third base who hurried over to her base for the force.

In the bottom of the fourth, Globe took the lead for the first time. Hudgings hit a ground ball to third but the throw to first was in the dirt and went rolling down the first base line and she was safe on first base. Jazlin Grice fouled and then hit an in the park home run bringing No. 15, Hudgings in with her for two runs before strikeout retired the side.

In the top of the fifth, Grice struck out the first batter and threw out the second batter at first. But the next batter hit a long fly near the right field line that bounced off the fence for a stand-up triple. A single to center brought in the runner at third to tie the game again 2-2.

In the bottom of the fifth, Globe flied to second base and to the catcher and struck out. 

In the top of the sixth, San Manuel struck out and walked a runner to first. Globe’s catcher, Jocelyn Tarango caught a foul for the first out, but the next batter brought in a run from second base. So, the Miners had runners on first and second having taken the lead 3-2 with only one out. With a count of 3 and 0 San Manuel hit into a neat and tidy double play to end their half of the inning.

In the bottom half of the sixth, No. 15 Hudgings singled to center but was forced out at second leaving a Grice on first. Center fielder, Purcella, flied out to the catcher but No. 13, Jillian Skaggs batted Grice over the plate to tie the game 3-3. Lexi Muniz grounded to third bringing up the seventh inning.

The first San Manuel batter grounded out to third, and the second hit a single to center. But flies to short and third ended the top of the seventh.

It was three up and three down for Globe in the bottom of the seventh, so the game went into extra innings with a runner pre-placed on second base to speed things up. Shortstop Heathman’s catch put paid to the first batter. No. 10 Hudgings caught a fly in center field and the third batter grounded out.

The bottom of the eighth also started with a runner, Kayla Howard, pre-placed on second. Tarango struck out as did the next batter, Hudgings, but Kayla Howard was able to steal third when San Manuel’s pitcher threw a pitch in the dirt. Another ball in dirt enabled Hudgings to steal home and win the game.


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